UV-C for Vehicles

CleanRide UV-C™

CleanRide UV-C™

Price is listed in US funds:

$1932.00 US

*Plus $60.00 Shipping Fee and $25 Clearance Fee


 $2498.00 CAD

*Plus Applicable Taxes and $30 Shipping Fee


  • Specifications

    Wattage:  50W (0.42 Amps at 120V)

    Beam Angle:  60o

    UV-C Output: 110 uW/cm2 at 1 metre using 275nm wavelength Environmental:  Indoor only, do not expose to water

    Voltage:  90-277V (default wired with 5-15P)

    Weight:  5.25lbs

    Dimensions:  Length 22” • Width 5.25” • Depth 2.5” 

    Construction:  Aluminum construction with powder coating

    Power:  Includes a power cord that connects to an IEC C14 inlet on the light 

    Light Expectancy:   30,000 hours