UV-C LED Vehicle Sterilizing System
Disinfect Air & Surfaces in Multi-User Vehicles 

CleanRide UV-C™ is proven to kill COVID-19 and other infectious viruses & bacteria from inside vehicles.

CleanRide UV-C™ is a medical grade LED light system that sterilizes surfaces and the AIR in vehicles, providing a solution for the long-term health, safety and confidence of staff, customers and the public.


This is especially critical for helping to keep industry mission fleet vehicles and equipment sanitized & work ready, and most importantly, keep operators safe.

For Law Enforcement and Ambulance, CleanRide UV-C™ also sterilizes against other contagious viruses like
hepatitis c and bacteria such as tuberculosis.

UV-C Light VS. Sprays for Vehicle Sterilization


Data released by the World Health Organization reported that sprays for sterilizing from COVID-19 can be ineffective and in fact can be harmful. Learn More...

USD $1,932.00*

  • Vehicle mounting included

  • Standard power outlet or direct plug-in to a vehicle’s 12-24v DC 

  • Battery powered coming soon

  • Integrated timer display

  • Light turns on and off instantly (no wait time)

  • Easy to set up & extremely versatile

  • Built with aluminum construction 

  • Manuals and best practices provided for safe use


* USD $1,932.00 plus shipping and applicable taxes

AC Power Supply Option

USD $89

For the decontamination of vehicle airflow & surfaces.

It is known that Coronavirus spreads through droplets emitted when a person coughs or sneezes and through smaller, infectious particulars that can stay in the air for several hours.

Scientifically Proven

The body of science shows that exposing air and surfaces to UV-C light for a certain period of time (the “dose”) can be very effective. For the cab of a vocational vehicle, the recommended dose is 5 minutes.

Every UV-C light puts out a certain wavelength of light.  The UV-C range is 200-300, and the most ideal wavelength for killing most bacteria and viruses is 265nm.  The traditional UV-C bulb lights put out 254nm.  CleanRide UV-C LED light puts out 275nm.  Studies have been conducted and have shown that there is not much of a difference in effectiveness within that 254-285nm range and that all the wavelengths are just as effective.


This study compares various wavelengths:


Great videos to watch on the effectiveness of UV-C to

CleanRide UV-C™ is powered by Lind Equipment

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USD $1932.00 each, plus shipping & applicable taxes.

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